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Scheduling: Allow extension of time limit for executions (increase scenario MAXIMUM EXECUTION TIMEOUT)
Please allow users to extend the 45 minutes max time for the execution of scenarios... I understand that it's good to have this limit in place as a default to save scenarios from looping. However, it would be very useful if it was possible to set this limit manually. It's a deal-breaker for us in regards to what we are trying to achieve with Integromat. The scenario we want to build requires more than 45 minutes, once in a while, and if we cannot allow for that, then we can't use Integromat. Here's the error message we get when it happens: Scenario has been requested to FORCE STOPPING the current OPERATION [TIMEOUT=45 minutes] because MAXIMUM EXECUTION TIMEOUT [40 minutes] has elapsed ---------------------------------- SOLUTION: In Private Integromat there are no limits with regard to the maximum scenario execution time. WORKAROUND: Identify the part in your scenario that takes most of its execution time, typically processing of a large number of entities ( TotalNumberOfEntities ). Clone the scenario. In the original scenario, replace the processing of entities with storing the entities in a Data store. In the cloned scenario, remove the part before the processing and replace it with the Webhooks > Custom webhook module. Place the Data store > Search records module after the Webhooks module to fetch a batch of entities ( NumberOfEntitiesInABatch ) (not all the entities) from the Data store. Process it and remove it from the Data store (or mark it as processed). Enable the Process webhooks separately setting in the cloned scenario’s advanced settings. In the original scenario, use the Repeater module followed by the HTTP > Make a request module to post ceil(TotalNumberOfEntities/NumberOfEntitiesInABatch) webhooks into the cloned scenario’s webhooks queue.
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