The largest plan offered today is 800K but in my case, and I might not be alone, it's not enough.
Today's billing system make us use a turnaround by downgrading/upgrading back & forth between the 2 top plans so we can keep operating.
If by any (bad) chance, you re-subscribe to the same plan after reaching your operations limit, it disables all others plans (why?!), push back your subscription original end date one month later AND leave you with no operations! It's a total non-sense!
You must let us renew whenever we want a subscription to get immediately the ops we're short on for the month.
Example :
1/1/2020: I subscribe to a platinum plan that runs until 2/1/2020
1/15/2020: I run out of ops, I renew my platinum plan -> I get my 800K ops immediately + push back my subscription end date from 2/1/2020 to 2/15/2020.
Today when you do that, you get no ops AND push back your subscription end date to 2/1/2020 to 3/1/2020! So you can do anything (except buying 10K extra ops which is ridiculous when you blow 800K in 2 weeks...), meaning you're expected to wait until 2/1/2020 to start using your next 800K ops!
Urgent fix needed here.