We've had to move workloads off Integromat due to the costs of 100,000's of operations per month. These scenarios are typically simple and straightforward but must run frequently (such as every 30 min) and really eat up our usage.
I would like to suggest having a pricing tier that offers unlimited operations but limited to one operation at a time. Our use case really is not concerned about multitasking several operations at once but rather performing millions of operations over time (without running out/hitting our limit at odd hours, which has happened many times).
We would be more than happy to pay several hundred per month to have this pricing tier available. This would be equivalent to us building the same scenario and integrations using code and running it 24/7 on a cheap virtual server. It would be nice if we could retain the power and flexibility of Integromat for these types of ongoing workloads, but in a cost effective way.