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Integromat (API)
in progress
Scenarios: - activate - deactivate - execute - create (I want to write a script which creates the scenario. I do not want to use the UI to do so) - clone - delete - edit - list - watch new/updates (instant+scheduled) - It would be helpful if there was an Integromat trigger whenever a scenario is updated so that we can setup automated export of the blueprint and update of internal documentation. - watch activation/deactivation (instant+scheduled) - watch errors/warnings - update - rename - get blueprint - update blueprint - get status ----------------------- Scenario executions: - watch new/updates (instant+scheduled) - list - search - get execution report including number of used operations, ideally per module ----------------------- Connections: - create - delete - edit ----------------------- Invoices: - list - watch new/updates (instant+scheduled) - get ----------------------- Subscription info: - get remaining operations and data - watch remaining operations and data (instant+scheduled) - trigger a scenario when the number of remaining operations falls below a certain point ----------------------- Affiliate program: - watch conversions events (when users signup etc.) ----------------------- Scheduling: - set scenario scheduling (e.g. if a trigger does not return any output then disable the scenario until a specific moment (e.g. next day at 06:00 AM)) - see https://integromat.canny.io/feature-requests/p/run-task-every-hour-until-completed ----------------------- Webhooks: - CRUD - Delete all Queue ----------------------- Various notifications - What's new (new apps, modules, features)
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