ABOUT: PhoneBurner power dials your leads for you, leaves voicemails & emails, and helps you have up to 4x more live conversations every outbound dialing session!
Squeeze more juice out of your prospecting lists!
WORKAROUND: Use the "HTTP > Make a OAuth 2.0 request" module to call any PhoneBurner API endpoint - https://www.phoneburner.com/developer/route_list
See this video https://www.loom.com/share/7c3b8f4d8d594340a7918978361528b8 for detailed instructions.
For further information on connecting Integromat with OAuth 2.0 enabled services you may refer to these two articles:
Should you have any questions, please contact our support (https://www.integromat.com/en/ticket) or feel free to post a question to our Facebook Integromat Community group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/integromat/), where hundreds of specialists, users and fans are willing to help.